Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019

22-24 January 2019

The Convention Centre Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

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Event Overview

Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019

Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019 is the place where the global aviation finance community meets to do business, build new relationships and connect. With over $153 billion worth of aircraft needing financing in 2019, you need to make sure you’re having the right discussions with the right people, at the right time, to get deals done.


Your ticket will give you access to:

  • Exclusive speakers including John Leahy, Norm Liu & Daniel Roeska in our curated content programme; guided by our NEW advisory board of leading experts & led by our independent editorial team.

  • NEW AFJ Airline Connections where you can meet over 150 airlines in private spaces specially designed for confidential, intimate meetings and discussions.
  • Experience the latest innovations the industry has to offer throughout the entire Convention Centre Dublin over the three days.

  • NEW AFJ Concierge, our team will do the legwork so all you need to do is arrive at Dublin ready to do business with a diary of arranged meetings and onsite care. FIND OUT MORE

  • NEW AFJ UCD Aviation Finance School, the 2-day intensive course with the University College Dublin that'll give you a complete understanding of the market. FIND OUT MORE

  • VIP Networking events with the industry at a variety of receptions, dinners and informal meetings.



Companies in Attendance include:




What to expect at Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019

•    Over 2000 aviation finance professionals operating worldwide 
•    70+ private meeting rooms and the ability to set up meetings and request attendance from your ‘wish list’, who may already be in attendance
•    Cocktail and networking receptions 
•    50+ exhibitors showcasing products and services within the sector
•    Hundreds of high-level attendees from the UK and worldwide (airlines, lessors, banks, government agencies, manufacturers/OEMs, law firms and others service providers)
•    150+ speakers from top airlines, lessors, financiers, OEMs, service providers from likes of GECAS, AerCap, MBA, Avolon, Avitas, Aviation Capital Group, Deutsche Bank and more
•    Multiple feature areas and high level networking sessions​
Hear from our attendees
"Excellent opportunity to meet people and keep up with industry news" | Eunice Santos, Strategy & Business Control Director, TAP Portugal
"As an airline, this event is perfect for having answers to all our questions and needs in one shot" | Zaina Akbil, Head of Financing and Treasury Department, Royal Air Maroc
"The quality and quantity of the delegates that attend Airfinance Journals events’ are invaluable" | AVITAS, Adam Pilarski, Senior Vice President     
"A great mix of aviation finance influencers and decision makers, worthwhile attending to win new business and meet existing clients"CCB Financial Leasing Corporation Limited, Jim Liu, Managing Director

For anymore information please contact Kate Skinner

T: +44 (0) 20 7779 8281




Our Event Partners



08 00 AM Registration & morning refreshments
08 55 AM Chairperson's opening remarks
  • Drew S Fine, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
09 00 AM Aviation capital markets review & outlook
  • Where are we in the industry cycle?
  • Traffic growth forecasts, will they materialise?
  • How much liquidity is currently chasing aviation assets and what impact has increased levels of liquidity had on the industry overall?
  • Mark Streeter, Managing Director, Airline/Aircraft Credit Research, J.P. Morgan
10 00 AM Reviewing credit trends for airlines – the Airline Credit Quality Index
  • In May 2018 The Airline Analyst found for that for the first time in four years, by its own criteria more airlines declined in financial strength than improved, what does this mean for the industry?
  • Can we expect this trend to continue?
  • What impact do we expect to see on the broader industry?
10 30 AM Morning networking break & refreshments
11 00 AM Should the proliferation of European airline insolvency make investors give pause?
  • 2018 has seen the trend of European airline insolvencies continue, with more European carriers going bust this year than last – what does this tell us about the European market?
  • As the race to investment grade intensifies in the leasing space, where should investors look to deploy capital in aviation?
  • At what stage can we say that the airline credit cycle has turned?
  • Marjan Riggi, Senior Managing Director, Financial Institutions and Corporates, Kroll Bond Rating Agency
  • Helene Spro, Director, Aviation Finance, Scope Ratings AG
  • Joseph Rohlena, Senior Director, Corporates, Fitch Ratings
  • Philip A Baggaley, CFA, Managing Director, Corporate & Government Ratings, S&P Global
  • Jonathan Root, Senior Vice President, Moody's Investors Service
  • Jim Cameron, Partner - London, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
11 40 AM What do engine OEMs have to do to restore trust with operators & lessors
  • All the engine OEM s are in turmoil. What’s happened and when are the problems over?
  • ETOPS issues EASA and FAA limited ETOPS.
  • What’s the fallout?
  • How quickly will 787 recover?
  • More importantly, will the regulators revisit ETOPS approvals for new airplanes (like the 777X, up next?)
12 00 PM Networking lunch
13 40 PM Investing in the metal: Competing aircraft product lines
  • We’ve seen substantial M&A activity in the OEM space, does one product line clearly outshine the other for investors now?
  • How strong is the current product outlook from the OEMs?
  • Has the case for investing in widebody aircraft strengthened or weakened over the last 12 months?
14 20 PM How does aviation stack up against other asset classes?
  • Why has aviation remained such a robust industry vs other transport asset classes, such as shipping?
  • What do buy-side investors need to know about this asset class in order to ensure the most positive returns possible?
  • What are the obvious entry points for new investors looking at aviation?
15 20 PM Afternoon networking break & refreshments
15 40 PM The impact of new entrants on asset values
  • How is new capital injected in the industry by Asian investors impacting asset values and investment opportunities?
  • What would happen to the assets being financed by this new capital in the event of a downturn?
  • What investment opportunities are being created by new entrants or will open up in the nearer and longer term?
16 20 PM What's causing the discrepancy between real & theoretical values?

Often the base value of an aircraft as offered in appraisal does not directly translate to transactions; as such a disparity between "real" and "theoretical" values has emerged. Hear the experts breakdown these disparities and offer an informative view on what your assets are really worth, with or without leases attached.

17 20 PM Chairperson's closing remarks
17 25 PM Networking drinks reception

Main Conference

08 00 AM Registration & morning refreshments
08 55 AM Chairperson's opening remarks
09 00 AM Will strong airline performance continue through a challenging macro environment?
  • How will airlines react to a shifting macro-economic environment featuring higher fuel prices & interest rates?
  • Will we see increased fleet turnover as the economic case for mid-life assets deteriorate?
  • How do airlines expect to develop their fleet planning over the next 10-15 years & what does that mean for delivery profiles?
09 40 AM Headwinds facing airline treasuries
  • How are airlines strengthening their position vis a vis rising interest rates?
  • What fuel hedging strategies do airlines have in place in the face of rising fuel prices?
  • Which financing structures are best suited to today’s macro environment?
10 20 AM Lessor CEO interviews

Back by popular demand, hear the CEO’s of the world’s most influential leasing companies discuss what they see as the future of aviation finance and their strategies for achieving it.

11 30 AM Morning refreshments & networking break
11 50 AM Continued CEO interviews

Back by popular demand, hear the CEO’s of the world’s most influential leasing companies discuss what they see as the future of aviation finance and their strategies for achieving it.

13 05 PM Networking lunch
14 10 PM Do we expect demand for cargo aircraft to continue to rise?
  • What degree of cargo fleet renewal can we expect to see across the cargo market segment?
  • When will the economic case for 700s & 800s make sense for cargo operators?
  • How popular do we expect cargo conversions be for both operators & lessors?
  • Paul Nolan, Group Fleet Development Director, CargoLogic Management
  • Hugh Flynn, Group Chief Executive, ASL Airlines, ASL Aviation Holdings DAC
  • Richard Greener, Senior Vice President & Manager, GECAS Cargo
  • Paul Rasquin, Fleet Planning, Cargolux Airlines International SA
  • Russ Hubbard, Director - Aircraft Remarketing, Air Partner
  • Edward McGarvey, Senior Vice President & Treasurer, Atlas Air Worldwide
14 50 PM Is a new wave of lessor consolidation upon us?
  • In light of Goshawk’s acquisition of Sky Leasing, can we expect more of this activity in 2019?
  • Will the race to the bottom in the sale and leaseback market cause consolidation to proliferate?
  • How sustainable is the growth of entrants from Asia?
  • James Meyler, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, ORIX Aviation Group
  • Bo Huang, Chief Commercial Officer, CMB Financial Leasing
  • Joey Zhao, Senior Vice President - Sales, BOCOMM Leasing
  • Tom Barrett, President & Chief Executive Officer Designate, Engine Lease Finance Corporation
  • Paul Sheridan, Chief Executive Officer, AMCK Aviation Holdings Ireland Limited
  • Stephen Cook, Member of the Board, Macquarie Bank
  • Doug Walker, Managing Director & Global Head of Origination & Coverage, Seabury Consulting & Corporate Advisory
15 40 PM Afternoon networking break & refreshments
16 00 PM Can we expect the frequency of ABS issuance to continue to rise in 2019?
  • The level of aircraft ABS issuance set records in 2018, what is driving this market segment and what do investors need to know to utilise it?
  • What impact can asset appraisers have on the overall value proposition of aircraft securitisations?
  • What role do lessor “sidecars” or management vehicles play in the market today?
  • Vinodh Srinivasan, Managing Director and Co-Head of the Structured Credit Group, Mizuho Securities USA
  • Keith Allman, Vice President - Senior Securitized Asset Analyst, Loomis Sayles
  • Mary E Kane, Managing Director, Head of ABS Research, Citi
  • Steve Gaal, Managing Partner, SkyWorks Holdings, LLC
16 40 PM Pilarski says...Drink

Back by ever popular demand, hear one of the industry’s most prominent & respected economists give his forecast on the industry’s future, what headwinds we ought to be cognisant of – in his trademark entertaining style.

17 10 PM In conversation with John Leahy

Exclusively at Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019, hear John Leahy in his first public appearance since retirement giving his take on the future of the aviation industry in this free-ranging interview

  • John Leahy, Chief Operating Officer - Customers, retired, Airbus
17 50 PM Chairperson's closing remarks
17 55 PM Open drinks reception
08 00 AM Morning networking & refreshments
08 55 AM Chairperson's opening remarks
09 00 AM Wizz Air reach investment grade
09 30 AM Investing in the engine sector
09 50 AM Scope Clauses and the Impact on Bombardier & Mitsubishi: The Next 12 Months
  • In December 2017 the Alaskan Scope Clause negotiations resulted in no changes, however, since then, we know that future negotiations are set with American, Delta & United in 2018/19.
  • What is the future of the CRJ, E1725E2, MRJ190?
  • Could Scope Clause renegotiations open up the North American market to the CRJ, as Bombardier has claimed?
  • What’s the long life for the E175-E1 plus?
10 30 AM Morning networking break & refreshments
10 50 AM What does the future of low-cost-long-haul look like?
  • What is driving airlines towards this model and what impact do we see it having on incumbent legacy carriers?
  • What headwinds have impacted carriers attempting to operate this model up to now?
  • Which aircraft types have the right economics for this model to work?
11 30 AM Factoring airline credit risk when taking bulk orders of new technology aircraft
  • What level of credit risk is being taken on when untested airlines make bulk orders of new technology aircraft?
  • What risk management strategies do OEM treasuries employ to mitigate chances of defaults?
  • Is it sensible for unestablished airlines to be making bulk orders of new technology aircraft primarily for the purpose of pricing?
  • Will the rise in interest rates impact the appetite for new technology aircraft?
12 10 PM If a cycle downturn was here, what would it look like?

The matter of where we stand in the aviation industry cycle is a matter of constant debate; however often speculation reigns. Hear three experts cut through the noise; assess what the signs of a downturn would be if it were here, and analyse whether or not those signs are present today.

  • Vicente Alava-Pons, Managing Director, Regional Head of Aviation Finance EMEA, DVB Group Merchant Bank
  • Vicky Pryce, Former Joint Head of UK Government Economic Service & Board Member, Centre for Economics & Business Research
12 40 PM The impact of next generation technology on the aircraft leasing company
13 00 PM Ruth Kelly: In conversation
  • Ruth Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Goshawk Management (Ireland) Limited
  • Betsy Snyder, Director, Corporate Ratings, S&P Global Ratings
13 20 PM Lunch & end of conference


Paul Nolan

Group Fleet Development Director

CargoLogic Management

Domhnal Slattery

Chief Executive Officer


James Meyler

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

ORIX Aviation Group

Tim Myers


Boeing Capital Corporation

Steven Udvar-Hazy

Executive Chairman

Air Lease Corporation

Vinodh Srinivasan

Managing Director and Co-Head of the Structured Credit Group

Mizuho Securities USA

Vicente Alava-Pons

Managing Director, Regional Head of Aviation Finance EMEA

DVB Group Merchant Bank

Iain Wetherall

Chief Financial Officer

Wizz Air

Firoz Tarapore

Chief Executive Officer

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) Ltd

Kieran O'Brien



Mike Powell

Executive Chairman


Albert Muntane Casanova

Senior Vice President

DVB Bank

Gael Meheust

President And Ceo

CFM International

Bo Huang

Chief Commercial Officer

CMB Financial Leasing

Meseret Bitew

Chief Financial Officer

Ethiopian Airlines

Marc Iarchy


World Star Aviation UK

James Moon

Chief Executive Officer


Tomas Sidlauskas

Chief Executive Officer

AviaAM Financial Leasing China

Bill Cumberlidge

Managing Director

Centrus Aviation Capital

David Wang

Deputy General Manager

ICBC Financial Leasing Company Limited

Marjan Riggi

Senior Managing Director, Financial Institutions and Corporates

Kroll Bond Rating Agency

Gary Fitzgerald

Chief Executive Officer


Jim Pascale


Milbank LLP

Mike Yeomans

Head of Valuations

IBA Group

Ruth Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

Goshawk Management (Ireland) Limited

Betsy Snyder

Director, Corporate Ratings

S&P Global Ratings

Hugh Flynn

Group Chief Executive

ASL Airlines, ASL Aviation Holdings DAC

David Tokoph

President and CEO

Morten Beyer & Agnew

Eddie Jaisaree

SVP of Sales

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation America

Pierre Gagnon

Senior Director

Bombardier Aerospace

Daniel Roeska

Vice President & Senior Analyst

Sanford C Bernstein

Patrick Hannigan

President & Chief Commercial Officer

CDB Aviation

Laura Mueller

Managing Director

Airfinance Journal

Stephen Kavanagh

Board Director & Former CEO

Aer Lingus Group

Greg Lee

Managing Director

Goldman Sachs

David Andrews

Managing Partner - Transport

Hudson Structured Capital Management

Damon J D'Agostino

President & Chief Executive Officer

Zephyrus Aviation Capital

Drew Fine


Milbank, Tweed, Headley & McCloy LLP

Scott Hamilton

Managing Director

Leeham Co.

Rikard de Jounge

Vice President - Asset Valuations


Roman Lyadov


GTLK Europe

Joey Zhao

Senior Vice President - Sales

BOCOMM Leasing

Teddy Murphy

Chief Executive Officer


Keith Allman

Vice President - Senior Securitized Asset Analyst

Loomis Sayles

Mary E Kane

Managing Director, Head of ABS Research


Alec Burger

President and CEO


Declan Ryan

Managing Partner & Executive Chair

Irelandia & Viva Air

Richard Greener

Senior Vice President & Manager


Norman Liu

Senior Advisor

ICBC Leasing

Brian Rynott

Managing Director

Alton Aviation Consultancy

George Dimitroff

Global Head of Valuations

ASCEND by Cirium

Olga Razzhivina

Senior ISTAT Appraiser


Chris Monroe

Senior Vice President, Finance & Treasurer

Southwest Airlines

Tom Barrett

President & Chief Executive Officer Designate

Engine Lease Finance Corporation

Ricardo Javier Sanchez Baker

Chief Financial Officer


Gillian Kelly



Aengus Kelly

Chief Executive Officer


Michael Duff

Managing Director

The Airline Analyst

John Leahy

Chief Operating Officer - Customers, retired


Paul Sheridan

Chief Executive Officer

AMCK Aviation Holdings Ireland Limited

Christine Rovelli

Vice President - Group Treasurer


Virginia Fox

Chief Risk Officer


Helene Spro

Director, Aviation Finance

Scope Ratings AG

Vicky Pryce

Former Joint Head of UK Government Economic Service & Board Member

Centre for Economics & Business Research

Erlendur Svavarsson

Senior Vice President

Loftleidir Icelandic

Steve Gaal

Managing Partner

SkyWorks Holdings, LLC

Mark Pearman-Wright

Head of Leasing & Investor Marketing


Joseph Rohlena

Senior Director, Corporates

Fitch Ratings

Paul Rasquin

Fleet Planning

Cargolux Airlines International SA

Tamer Yuzuak

Senior Vice President, Finance and Fleet Management

Pegasus Airlines

Richard Goodhead

Senior Vice President, Marketing

Rolls-Royce PLC

Philip A Baggaley

CFA, Managing Director, Corporate & Government Ratings

S&P Global

Stephen Cook

Member of the Board

Macquarie Bank

Drew S Fine


Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy

Jonathan Root

Senior Vice President

Moody's Investors Service

Jim Cameron

Partner - London

Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy

Bertrand Dehouck

Managing Director, Aviation Finance EMEA

BNP Paribas

Russ Hubbard

Director - Aircraft Remarketing

Air Partner

Doug Walker

Managing Director & Global Head of Origination & Coverage

Seabury Consulting & Corporate Advisory

Catherine Duffy


A&L Goodbody

Edward McGarvey

Senior Vice President & Treasurer

Atlas Air Worldwide

Mark Streeter

Managing Director, Airline/Aircraft Credit Research

J.P. Morgan

Adam Pilarski

Senior Vice President



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GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) is a world leader in aviation leasing and financing. With 50 years of aviation finance experience, GECAS offers a wide range of aircraft types including narrow-bodies, wide-bodies, regional jets, turboprops, freighters and helicopters, plus multiple financing products and services including operating leases, purchase/leasebacks, secured debt financing, capital markets, engine leasing, and airframe parts management. GECAS owns or services a fleet of more than 1,900 aircraft (1,552 fixed wing/ 350 rotary wing) in operation or on order, plus provides loans collateralized on an additional ~320 aircraft. GECAS serves ~250 customers in over 75 countries from a network of 25 offices.

Gold Sponsors

ICBC Aviation Leasing

ICBC Aviation Leasing

ICBC Aviation Leasing Company Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of ICBC Leasing, was established in Hong Kong in March 2018 with a registered capital of USD 1.2 billion. ICBC Leasing, established in 2007 with a registered capital of CNY 18 billion, is wholly owned by ICBC Bank. ICBC Leasing is one of the leading players in China’s leasing industry with a local and overseas asset portfolio worth more than CNY 300 billion.
By the end of September 2019, ICBC Aviation Leasing has delivered a grand total of 482 commercial aircraft and the total number of commercial aircraft owned and managed has reached 730. ICBC Aviation Leasing provides innovative fleet leasing solutions for 83 domestic and global airline clients across 38 countries and regions. The fleet value in operation reaches around US$ 19 billion and ranks No. 6 worldwide and No. 1 in China.
ICBC Aviation Leasing has won many important awards from multiple Chinese and international authorities. Its growing business has spurred the company’s social responsibility and it has launched various CSR projects and encouraged employees to give back to society with love and responsibility.
Through the integration of domestic and international participants, ICBC Aviation Leasing aims for high standards of professionalism and efficiency. By leveraging the advantageous financial, legal and tax environment domestically and abroad, ICBC Aviation Leasing has developed into a globally competitive aircraft leasing company.



Mizuho Americas is a leading financial institution comprising several legal entities, which together offer clients corporate and investment banking, financing, securities, treasury services, asset management, research and more. With professionals in offices throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, Mizuho’s operations in the Americas connect a broad client base of major corporations, financial institutions and public sector groups to local markets and a vast global network. Learn more at
Mizuho Americas is an integral part of the Japan-based Mizuho Financial Group, Inc. (NYSE: MFG). Mizuho Financial Group is one of the largest financial institutions in the world, offering comprehensive financial and strategic services including private banking and venture capital through its subsidiaries. The group has over 900 offices and 56,000 employees worldwide in nearly 40 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA, and Asia. At the end of 2016, its total assets were $1.8 trillion. Learn more about Mizuho Financial Group at

Novus Aviation Capital

Novus Aviation Capital

Novus is an independent, privately-held aircraft leasing platform, focused on investing, leasing and financing of commercial aircraft assets. Established over 23 years ago, the Novus team operates out of its five global offices in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. The company currently co-owns and manages aircraft-related projects worth about USD 3 billion.

Air Lease Corporation

Air Lease Corporation

Air Lease Corporation is a leading aircraft leasing company principally engaged in purchasing commercial aircraft and leasing them to its valued airline customers worldwide.

Bocomm Leasing

Bocomm Leasing

Bank of Communications Financial Leasing Co., Ltd (“Bocomm Leasing”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Communications, the 11th largest bank in the world. It was established in 2007 with a registered capital of USD 1.3B. By the end of 2018, with its total assets of more than USD 33B, Bocomm Leasing is the largest leasing company headquartered in Shanghai and one of the aviation leasing leaders in China. Furthermore, Bocomm Leasing is the first Chinese leasing company which establish professional leasing subsidiary in Chinese free trade zones. Its fleet consists of about 220 aircrafts in service and about 160 aircrafts in backlog. With over USD 11B aircraft assets, it has more than 50 domestic and international well-known aviation customers.


Bocomm Leasing can offer both finance and operating lease products. With competitive multi-currency (such as USD, JPY, EURO, RMB) financing tools, we could meet specific customers’requirements via SPVs set up both on-shore and off-shore. Powered by professional and innovative management, Bocomm Leasing is endeavored to provide aviation customers with value-added and tailor-made leasing services.



- First lease transaction through SPV established in Shanghai Free Trade Zone (SFTZ);

- First finance lease transaction denominated in JPY by Chinese Leasing company through an offshore SPV;

- First spare engine lease transaction through SPV established in SFTZ;

- First operating lease transaction for Airbus Tianjin assembled A320 through SPV established in Tianjin Free Trade Zone;

- First Chinese leasing company to establish subsidiary.

CMB Financial Leasing

CMB Financial Leasing

CMB Financial Leasing Co., Ltd. (abbreviated to the “CMBFL”), approved by the State Council, is one of the first batch of five financial leasing companies affiliated with banks in China. With the approval from China Banking Regulatory Commission, CMBFL was founded in March, 2008. CMBFL is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Merchants Bank (abbreviated to the “CMB”) with the registered capital of RMB 6 billion. CMBFL opened on April 23, 2008. Since the establishment of CMBFL, it has been actively researching and developing all kinds of financial leasing products in accordance with the need of the physical economy. CMBFL launched financial solutions for clients from various fields of industry including aviation, shipping, energy, equipment manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, health industry, public utility and culture industry, financial leasing companies. The clients of CMBFL come from a variety of large, medium and small companies. CMBFL permanently persists in the core values of “Service, Innovation and Moderate” and the corporate objective of “High-Base, High-Standard and High-Level”. The balance of the leasing assets of CMBFL exceeded RMB100 billion in Sept. 2014 which made CMBFL among the ranks of “100 billion” financial leasing companies. On the new development stage, CMBFL has formally established the strategy of “internationalize, professionalize and differentiate” so as to build sustainable competitive edge to become the expert in financial solutions with excellent professional service abilities, and be committed to becoming the best financial leasing company in China. The balance of the leasing assets of CMBFL exceeded USD25 billion in Dec. 2018. 

CCB Financial Leasing Corporation Limited

CCB Financial Leasing Corporation Limited

CCB Financial Leasing Corporation Limited (CCB Financial Leasing) was established on December 26, 2007, which was among the first batch of financial leasing companies approved by China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC). The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CCB, which incorporated in Beijing with a 8 billion RMB registered capital. 

As an important platform for CCB’s comprehensive operation, CCB Financial Leasing complies with shareholder’s strategy, supports substantial economy and fulfills social responsibilities actively by focusing on clients and markets. Relying on the network and the market reputation of CCB, CCB Financial Leasing promotes professional, market-driven and international development while provides variety of financial leasing services with constant improvement of product creativity, market share, value creation, assets management and internal control. 

CCB Financial Leasing has established a sound corporate governance structure and internal management system by leveraging the management concept and corporate culture of CCB. By the end of 2017, its assets under management reached over 160 billion RMB, covering various industries. The clients are throughout in nearly 30 provinces, municipalities of China and more than 10 countries and regions of the world.CCB Financial Leasing leads the industry with acquiring ideal 
international credit rating from rating agencies, namely A from S&P and Fitch, A1 from Moody’s, which result in significant development potential for the company. 




CFM International (CFM) was formed in 1974 as a 50/50 joint company between GE and Safran Aircraft Engines. Today, CFM is the world’s leading supplier of commercial transport aircraft engines and the best example of a successful international joint venture. Since the first engine was delivered in 1982, CFM has received orders for more than 48,500 CFM56 and LEAP engines from 550 operators worldwide, of which more than 33,000 engines have been delivered. In addition to the highly successful CFM56 product line, CFM introduced the advanced LEAP-1A engine into commercial service on the Airbus A320neo in August 2016. Through March 2018, 16 other airlines taken delivery of a total of more than 160 LEAP-1A-powered aircraft. The engines have performed exceptionally well in commercial service, with many airlines operating up to 11 flights per day and executing 25-minute turn times. To date, the fleet has logged more than 700,000 highly reliable flight hours. In May 2017, the first LEAP-1B-powered Boeing 737 MAX airplane entered commercial service with Malindo Air in Malaysia. A total of 94 aircraft had been delivered to 24 customers by the end of March 2018. A third model, the LEAP-1C, has been undergoing flight tests on the COMAC C919. Two flight-test aircraft have logged more than 60 hours. Overall, CFM has garnered orders and commitments for more than 15,000 LEAP engines. The engine is delivering a 15 percent improvement in fuel efficiency along with significant reductions in noise and emissions signatures. All of this while maintaining CFM’s industryleading reliability and overall cost of ownership. In 2008, with the launch of the LEAP engine, CFM announced that all services offerings for this new product would come from directly from CFM. The organize could also provide support for CFM56 engines, as well. This was done to support customer requests for seamless product sales and support. Since then, the primary focus of CFM Services has been to provide world-class aftermarket products and programs, working with customers to meet their unique, evolving needs from entry-into-service to mid-life through maturity and retirement.



DVB enjoys a unique position, thanks to its strategic focus on the international transport market, with the submarkets of shipping, aviation, and land transport. As a highly-specialised niche provider, the Bank offers a broad range of customised financial services. With offices in twelve locations, we have a worldwide presence in the transport markets and their various segments. This global presence enables us to take into account both the international dimension and the local specifics of the markets in which our clients in Shipping, Aviation and Land Transport Finance operate. Our Aviation Finance team and our clients benefit from our unique and integrated platform, with a range of products and services covering the entire lifecycle of aircraft and engines – from financing new airplanes right through to dismantling them, plus individual solutions for their engines. Consequently, our strategy is geared to offering our clients the most efficient services “where money and metal meet” – irrespective of industry and economic cycles. We provide asset financing on the basis of sound research and a deep understanding of aviation markets and specific types of aircraft. Our experts have gained their wings through many years of experience in the banking business as well as in the aviation industry – with airlines, manufacturers, asset managers and lessors.

CDB Aviation

CDB Aviation

About CDB Aviation

CDB Aviation Lease Finance DAC (“CDB Aviation”) is a wholly owned Irish subsidiary of China Development Bank Financial Leasing Co., Limited (“CDB Leasing”) a 33-year-old Chinese leasing company that is backed mainly by the China Development Bank. China Development Bank is under the direct jurisdiction of the State Council of China and is the world’s largest development finance institution. It is also the largest Chinese bank for foreign investment and financing cooperation, long-term lending and bond issuance, enjoying Chinese sovereign credit rating.

CDB Leasing is the only leasing arm of the China Development Bank and a leading company in China’s leasing industry that has been engaged in aircraft, infrastructure, ship, commercial vehicle and construction machinery leasing and enjoys a Chinese sovereign credit rating. It took an important step in July 2016 to globalize and marketize its business – listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX STOCK CODE: 1606).

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is a leading bank in Europe with an international reach. It has a presence in 73 markets, with more than 198,000 employees. The Group has key positions in its three main activities: Domestic Markets in Europe, International Financial Services and Corporate & Institutional Banking.
In Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas is one of the best-positioned international financial institutions with an uninterrupted presence since 1860. Currently with over 17,000 employees* and a presence in 14 markets, BNP Paribas provides corporates, institutional and private investors with product and service solutions tailored to their specific needs. It offers a wide range of financial services covering corporate & institutional banking, wealth management, asset management, insurance, as well as retail banking and consumer financing through strategic partnerships.

DAE Capital

DAE Capital

Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) Ltd. is a globally recognised aerospace corporation and one of the largest aircraft leasing companies in the world. Headquartered in Dubai, DAE’s leasing and engineering divisions serve over 110 airline customers around the world from its six offices in Dubai, Dublin, Singapore and the US.
DAE’s award-winning leasing division DAE Capital has an owned, managed and committed fleet of nearly 400 Airbus, ATR and Boeing aircraft with a fleet value of US$ 14 billion. DAE’s strong capital base, its full-service, best-in-class platform and its three decades of leasing experience allows it to provide customised and comprehensive solutions to airlines to address their fleet ambitions.

AerCap Holdings N.V

AerCap Holdings N.V

AerCap is the global leader in aircraft leasing and aviation finance. With $42 billion of assets, AerCap is funded by a robust long-term capital structure that produces strong earnings and cash flow generation. The AerCap fleet of modern fuel-efficient aircraft, one of the largest in the world, provides our customers with scope for improved operational efficiency and profitability. With increased demand for global air transportation, our modern fleet profile and extensive portfolio of valued customers, we are a driving force in the industry.

Wilmington Trust

Wilmington Trust

For more than a century, Wilmington Trust has been a leader in corporate trust services, serving on some of the largest and highest profile transactions. We have capabilities in many of the world's most attractive jurisdictions.  Specifically in Ireland, we have acted as the sole Irish Owner Trustee service provider in Ireland for nearly a decade.  This is a testament to our commitment developing customized solutions, pairing technology and disciplined, tenured staff.  Our experience is your advantage when working with Wilmington Trust.  Please contact Caroline Magee to learn more - +353 1 7920711 or

Visit our website:

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Milbank LLP

Milbank LLP

Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy LLP is a leading international law firm that provides innovative legal services to clients around the world. Founded in New York over 150 years ago, Milbank has offices in Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, Munich, São Paulo, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington, DC. Milbank’s lawyers collaborate across practices and offices to help the world’s leading commercial, financial and industrial enterprises, as well as institutions, individuals and governments, achieve their strategic objectives.

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Intrepid Aviation

Intrepid Aviation

We are active in all three acquisition channels – new aircraft orders directly with Airbus and Boeing, sale and leaseback transactions with airlines, and portfolio acquisitions from other lessors. The current portfolio is on lease to 13 airlines in 11 countries. Our customers are mainly flag carriers and other strongly positioned airlines, which typically deploy our aircraft on key international routes. Intrepid has grown rapidly over the past four years and our focus has been on markets with the greatest growth in demand for air travel, especially in the Asia Pacific region.
As we continue to grow and diversify, we anticipate our customer base will expand across the Americas and the Middle East as well. Our heritage is based on primarily acquiring wide-body aircraft, but over time we intend to broaden our fleet by adding more narrow-body aircraft to diversify our customer and asset base, as well as our global footprint. We designed our business model from a strong capital base provided by our shareholders, two large New York based private equity firms. Our aim is to generate stable and highly visible revenues, earnings and cash flows. Our team of professionals serves customers worldwide from our offices in Stamford and Dublin.

Apex Group Ltd

Apex Group Ltd

Link Asset Services is part of Link Group, a leading global provider of financial administration solutions. With over 30 years in experience in the industry, Link Asset Services is the leading provider of corporate services to aviation leasing companies in Ireland.

Avation PLC

Avation PLC

Avation PLC is a commercial passenger aircraft leasing company managing a fleet of aircraft which it leases to airlines across the world.

Our customers include Flybe, Virgin Australia, Thomas Cook, Air France, easyJet, Eva Air, Philippine Airlines, Air India, Vietjet Air, Fiji Airways and Mandarin Airlines.

Zeevo Group LLC

Zeevo Group LLC

Zeevo Group LLC ("Zeevo") provides business, finance and information technology consulting services and products to a broad range of clients representing such key industries as aircraft leasing, technology, and consumer products.

A&L Goodbody

A&L Goodbody

A&L Goodbody is a leading Irish law firm offering legal services to the Corporate sector across the island of Ireland. The firm provides a full range of business legal services through corporate, banking and financial services, tax, litigation and commercial property. In addition to the main office in Dublin, the firm also has offices in Belfast, London, New York, San Francisco and Palo Alto. With an international outlook and expertise, A&L Goodbody advise many international companies on successful investments and activities in Ireland. For further information visit



GTLK Europe is an Ireland-based international company, engaged in leasing and trading of a wide range of air and sea vehicles. The company’s main activity includes leasing, trading, remarketing, asset management as well as consulting on commercial aircraft and ship transactions.

TMF Group

TMF Group

TMF Group is a Global Business Operator present in every country our clients’ aspirations demand. We are renowned for helping clients operate and invest seamlessly, in and beyond their home markets, by providing Global Business Services that allow them to focus on their core competencies. We have extensive experience in providing services to companies and special purpose vehicles (SPVs) used for owning and leasing aircraft. Our clients include aircraft lessors, banks, airlines, private equity and hedge funds. We have staff in every major global jurisdiction used for aviation services, which allows us to move swiftly and provide efficient, effective services anywhere in the world. We specialize in providing services to operating lease platforms including holding companies and aircraft owning companies (AOCs), aircraft financing structures, lease in, lease out (LILO) special purpose vehicles and aircraft and engine securitization vehicles. We manage hundreds of aircraft leases in SPVs around the world, nine out of the ten top global aircraft lessors are our client; we service half of the top 50 aircraft lessors globally.

Jackson Square Aviation

Jackson Square Aviation

Jackson Square Aviation (JSA) is a full-service commercial aircraft lessor.  We provide a variety of fleet and financial solutions to airlines such as sale and leaseback financing, PDP financing, and new and used aircraft placement from our orderbook and existing fleet. Our experienced, international and professional staff in San Francisco, Dublin, Toulouse, Singapore, Beijing and Lima are committed to meeting airlines’ evolving needs worldwide. Leveraging our extended relationships in the aviation and financial sectors, we offer fleet and capital flexibility vital to airlines’ fleet replacement and expansion. Today our owned, committed and managed fleet exceeds 200 aircraft with 49 leading airlines in 27 countries. JSA is a member of the Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited (MUL) group of companies. MUL is a prominent global leasing company based in Japan and publicly listed on the Tokyo and Nagoya Stock Exchanges.

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Nordic Aviation Capital

Nordic Aviation Capital

Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC) is the industry’s leading regional aircraft lessor serving over 70 airline customers in 48 countries.  NAC provides commercial aircraft leasing, remarketing and third party management services to leading carriers such as British Airways, Air Canada, LOT, Azul, Lufthansa, Garuda, Flybe, Aeroméxico and airBaltic as well as major regional carriers including Air Nostrum and Widerøe. NAC’s current fleet of almost 500 owned and managed aircraft includes ATR 42, ATR 72, Bombardier Dash 8, CRJ900, CRJ1000, A220, E170, E175, E190 and E195.  NAC is the largest owner and lessor of both ATR and Bombardier turboprop aircraft in the world and is a prominent player in the E-Jet market.  With offices in Ireland, Denmark, USA, Singapore and Hong Kong, NAC is best situated to serve every commercial aviation market across the globe.

Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands

Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands

The role of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is to act as the regulatory organisation responsible for safety oversight and economic regulation of the aviation industry throughout the territory. In addition to ensure that the Cayman Islands aviation industry conforms to the standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation. The guiding legislation to ensure compliance with the ICAO standards and recommended practices is the Air Navigation (Overseas Territory) Order. Our Values:     Safety first: We never forget our organization’s primary reason for being. People at the centre: We develop our people to the highest standards and level of expertise in technical/non-technical areas. Leadership: We build and promote a shared commitment to regulatory and aviation excellence regionally and globally. Regulatory objectivity: We conduct our regulatory responsibility with impartiality. Integrity: We ensure that the highest moral and ethical standards are maintained in the discharge of our responsibilities. Active collaboration: We work with others to engage their knowledge and expertise and to generate effective solutions where we are jointly accountable for the end results. Accountability: We account for our actions, accept individual and team responsibilities and transparently disclose results.

Tokyo Century Corporation

Tokyo Century Corporation

Tokyo Century Corporation (“TC”), together with its group companies offers an extensive range of products that include leasing and instalment sale of IT equipment and car fleets in over 30 countries and regions.  TC also provides one of the most extensive car rental services network in Japan.  Over the years TC has expanded its business beyond vendor type financial leasing and now offers financial services in the area of shipping, aviation, renewable energy, and real estate.  Within aviation, TC is an operating lessor, a lender and a Japanese tax lease arranger and underwriter.  

RPK Capital

RPK Capital

RPK Capital was founded in 2004. The firm has established expertise in a wide array of aviation finance transactions. The RPK Capital team is experienced in analyzing, structuring and negotiating successful aviation transactions with counterparties and markets around the world. The team has deep industry knowledge and is highly respected by industry experts for their skill. From 2004-2010, the firm was a ‘Fundless Sponsor’ investing proprietary capital along with that of strategic partners. In 2010, RPK Capital announced a strategic partnership with The Carlyle Group, emblematic of the value of the firm’s attractive returns and niche investment strategy. RPK Capital had an exclusive relationship with The Carlyle Group until 2015, when RPK announced its intent to develop an independent fund sponsor platform. RPK Capital has offices in the United States and the United Kingdom; the firm headquarters is in Chicago, IL.

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered

We are a leading international banking group, with a 150-year history in some of the world’s most dynamic markets. We bank the people and companies driving investment, trade and the creation of wealth across Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our heritage and values are expressed in our brand promise, Here for good. 
Standard Chartered PLC is listed on the London and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges as well as the Bombay and National Stock Exchanges in India.

Dublin Airport Central

Dublin Airport Central

"Connect your business to the World”
Dublin Airport Central is Ireland’s next generation business destination, offering unrivalled international and national connectivity, directly opposite Terminal 2. Boasting a unique mix of business, social and leisure amenities, Dublin Airport Central is the ideal location for businesses looking to thrive and grow. 



Miagen design and deliver Advanced Corporate Performance solutions for the Aviation Industry through integrated cloud applications and platforms giving them complete insight into the true dynamics of their operational performance and profitability.
Our Aviation platforms include:
•    RouteGen - specifically designed for airlines to manage their route profitability and optimization providing real time aviation intelligence at a glance.
•    LeaseGen - provides the Airline leasing industry with a dynamic platform to manage their leasing portfolio FP&A, budgeting and reporting process.
Miagen are the award-winning partner of leading cloud CPM provider Adaptive Insights, Business Intelligence tools and visualization provider Domo, and integration provider Dell Boomi.
Visit Miagen at Booth #4, Exhibition Hall to enter our free draw to win a Drone.


Engine Lease Finance Corporation

Engine Lease Finance Corporation

Engine Lease Finance (ELF) is the world’s leading independent spare engine financing and leasing company, specialising in the provision of flexible short, medium and long-term spare engine support packages for the airline industry. Headquartered in Shannon, Ireland, ELF is a group company of Mitsubishi UFJ Lease & Finance Company Limited ("MUL"), whose shares are wholly owned by MUL. ELF has the financing power and stability to meet the varied needs of airlines and to meet the commercial challenges presented by today’s rapidly changing world markets. ELF has access to extensive funding at favourable rates, therefore ensuring low cost flexible financing for the airline. ELF’s client base includes some of the world’s most established airlines, some of the newest start-ups and many of the seasoned LCCs around the world. The client base also includes several significant MRO providers, airframe lessors and the OEMs.

Willis Lease

Willis Lease

Willis Lease has earned an industry-wide reputation for service, innovation, technical support and in-depth knowledge of commercial aviation. Our core business is leasing commercial aircraft engines to airlines, OEMs and MROs — worldwide. Along with short- and long-term leasing, we have developed and implemented strategic engine pooling programs which provide pool members with attractive benefits. We provide innovative leasing solutions to our customers. These leasing activities are integrated with engine and aircraft trading, engine lease pools supported by cutting-edge technology, as well as technical and asset management, provided through its subsidiary Willis Asset Management Limited, and various end-of-life solutions for aircraft, engines and aviation materials provided through its subsidiary, Willis Aeronautical Services, Inc. With one of the largest and most diverse portfolios of engines in the aviation industry, we can meet a wide range of customer technical and operating requirements. Quick responses to AOG emergencies illustrate how our worldwide team of dedicated professionals responds 24/7. Our experience, knowledge and leadership in engine leasing gives our customers a competitive advantage with Power to Spare — Worldwide®.

ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance Company

ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance Company

ALAFCO Aviation Lease and Finance Company K.S.C.P., headquartered in Kuwait, is a global aircraft leasing company, and is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. ALAFCO's main activities include aircraft operating leases, sale and leaseback operations and aircraft lease management services. ALAFCO’s current portfolio consists of 63 Airbus and Boeing aircraft – comprising of A320, B737 and B777 aircraft – leased to 20 airlines in 13 countries across the world. ALAFCO invests in new technology aircraft and currently has a firm order of 119 aircraft comprising of 65 A320neo, 10 A321neo, 4 A350-900XWB and 40 B737Max aircraft.


Aergen Aviation Finance Limited

Aergen Aviation Finance Limited

Aergen’s core focus is on mid to late life narrow body aircraft.
Aergen is an aircraft leasing and engine parts management company established in December, 2014 by Greenbriar equity group in partnership with an experienced management team and other strategic co-investors.
Our people have decades of experience in aircraft leasing at some of the largest leasing companies in the world. Fundamental to driving returns on these aircraft is the team’s technical expertise throughout the asset life cycle. The Aergen team’s proven track record which is supported by Avioserv, our engine parts business, allows us to buy well, re-market effectively and part out at the value maximising moment. It is this technical knowledge and expertise that makes us different.

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SkyWorks Capital LLC

SkyWorks Capital LLC


The Convention Centre Dublin

The Convention Centre Dublin, Spencer Dock, N Wall Quay,

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Airfinance Journal are pleased to return once again to the award-winning CCD in Dublin.


We offer complimentary passes to airlines and investors.





We have invested time and resources into industry research and shaped Airfinance Journal Dublin to suit your needs. 

  • Book meetings with who you would like to meet and for how long you are available. 
  • Have the freedom to network in an open, relaxed environment. 
  • Taking place in the Convention Centre Dublin, a world-class conference venue in the heart of Ireland's capital city. 

*All complimentary delegate passes are subject to approval from the Airfinance Journal Events team. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this promotion to sell-side representatives or Investment Banks. Sell-side representatives and Investment Banks can register for this event here

For anymore information please contact Kate Skinner

T: +44 (0) 20 7779 8281


AFJ Concierge

The Airfinance Journal team recognises that you need to get as much value as possible from attending Airfinance Journal Dublin, especially as in the billion dollar industry of aircraft finance, it can be difficult to meet the right people at the right time.

With this in mind we’ve introduced a personalised concierge meeting service - AFJ Concierge.

Our team take the strain by doing the leg work for you, so all you need to do is arrive at Airfinance Journal Dublin ready to do business.


How it works

Step 1: Send the AFJ Concierge a list of up to 10 individuals or organisations you’d like to meet, along with a little explanation of why you’d like to meet them.

Step 2: Our dedicated research team will reach out to the list on your behalf. We can use our industry knowledge to suggest any additional contacts that could add value to your attendance.

Step 3: We'll diary manage to find the best time and place for you to meet.

Step 4: Check-in with our concierge team onsite.

Step 5: Get deals done!


How do I get involved?

It's simple. All you need to do is register for Airfinance Journal Dublin, then contact our AFJ Concierge and start arranging meetings.



Do I need to be registered for an Airfinance Journal Dublin to take advantage of the service?
Yes. This service is only available to registered delegates of Airfinance Journal Dublin.

What if people on my list don’t want to meet me?
We'll do our best to arrange meetings with your wishlist. If someone on your list doesn't wish to meet you, we'll use our industry know-how to suggest other delegates that might be of interest to you.

It's key that you provide us with a solid rationale of why you want to meet each person on your list, the better the reasonsing, the more likely they are to agree to a meeting and the better informed we will be to suggest additional delegates for you.

How will you schedule the meeting?
The AFJ Concierge will either use our meetings system to book the appointment for you or they will send you and the person you wish to meet a calendar invite.

What happens if the person I’m meeting doesn’t turn up?
If you let the team onsite know that the person you're supposed to be meeting hasn't turned up, they will be able to check if the person is onsite and reach out to them for you. Depending on the circumstances, we will do our best to reschedule the meeting for you.

Will I get the contact details of the person I’m meeting beforehand?
If the person you want to meet has agreed for their details to be shared pre-event then yes. If not you'll be able to collect their details during your meeting.

Have a question? Contact the AFJ Concierge today


School of Aviation Finance Dublin

Alongside Airfinance Journal Dublin we are launching the School of Aviation Finance this January.

The region’s longest running and most informative training school available for professionals looking to gain a complete understanding of the market.





During this course you'll join peers from across Europe to gain in-depth knowledge of the latest funding products, discover how to stay ahead of the curve in competitive markets and learn how to put together complex and innovative financing structures. Taught by a combination of University College Dublin academics and leading industry figures; the school promises to be a vital stepping stone in the career of any aspiring aviation finance leader. 

Key features for 2019 include: 

  • A 2-day intensive course, featuring 16+ hours of lessons and practical case studies to enhance your knowledge; in addition to access to premium content at Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019
  • Full supplementary learning materials and advice on continuing your training 
  • Course accreditation 

The opportunity to network with senior course leaders representing companies from across the aviation finance sector.








For anymore information please contact Kate Skinner

T: +44 (0) 20 7779 8281


NEW Advisory Board

The NEW Airfinance Journal Dublin Advisory Board is comprised of selection eminent  of industry thought leaders.

The Advisory Board work with our editorial team to help curate and contribute to the cutting edge content on offer at Airfinance Journal Dublin and ensure that we create the perfect format to facilitate networking and connections with the right people during this exciting time in the aviation finance industry.


Dick DDick Forsberg has over 40 years’ aviation industry experience, working in a variety of roles with airlines, operating lessors, arrangers and capital providers in the disciplines of business strategy, industry analysis and forecasting, asset valuation, portfolio risk management and airline credit assessment. As a founding executive and Head of Strategy at Avolon, his responsibilities include defining the trading cycle of the business, primary interface with the aircraft appraisal and valuation community, industry analysis and forecasting, driving thought leadership initiatives, setting portfolio risk management criteria and determining capital allocation targets.
Prior to Avolon, Dick was a founding executive at RBS Aviation Capital and previously worked with IAMG, GECAS and GPA following a 20-year career in the UK airline industry. Dick has a Diploma in Business Studies and in Marketing from the UK Institute of Marketing is a member of the Royal Aeronautical Society and also a Board Director of ISTAT (The International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading).




Lynn GLynn Guiney joined Avolon in July 2016 and is responsible for Origination in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.   Prior to joining Avolon, Lynn worked at Standard Chartered Bank as Managing Director in its Aviation Finance division. During her career in aviation finance, Lynn has worked in a variety of roles across the aircraft leasing and finance sectors, including a number of senior origination and management roles at AWAS and SMBC Aviation (formerly RBS Aviation Capital).  

Lynn holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Psychology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Studies, both from University College Dublin. She holds a Master of Business Studies from University College Cork (Irish Management Institute).






Lynn MMarjan Riggi is a Senior Managing Director who leads the Corporate Aviation and Specialty Finance teams at Kroll Bond Rating Agency. She has over 20 years of multi-sector expertise in credit analysis of banks and specialty finance, as well as securitizations. Marjan initiated ratings of aircraft lessors at KBRA in early 2013 and has since been responsible for the development of the analytical framework and the ratings of aircraft lessors and airlines including EETCs and other secured aviation financings. Prior to joining KBRA, Riggi was a Senior Credit Officer at Moody’s with senior lead responsibility for banks and diversified financials (finance companies, private equity firms, stock exchanges, and other securities firms). Before covering financials, Marjan was a lead analyst in Structured Finance at Moody's where she covered ABS and RMBS as well as ratings criteria development. She began her career as a Banking Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Marjan has a Masters in International Affairs and Finance from Columbia University in NY and a BA in Linguistics from the University of Kansas.






Betsy SBetsy R. Snyder is a Director in S&P Global Ratings Corporate Ratings group. She joined the company in 1990 and specializes in coverage of transportation companies, including aircraft lessors and the airline industry. She also works extensively on Structured Finance transactions related to her areas of specialization. Prior to joining S&P, Betsy was an equity research analyst for Merrill Lynch and L.F. Rothschild. Betsy holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University and a master of business administration degree in Finance from Fordham University. She is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. Betsy is a Trustee of the ISTAT Foundation and a member of the ISTAT International Appraisers’ Program Board of Governors.  In addition, she holds membership in several industry-related organizations.
Betsy R. Snyder is a Director in S&P Global Ratings Corporate Ratings group. She joined the company in 1990 and specializes in coverage of transportation equipment lessors in all sectors and the airline industry. She also works extensively on Structured Finance transactions related to her areas of specialization. Prior to joining Standard & Poor’s, Betsy was an equity research analyst for Merrill Lynch and L.F. Rothschild. Betsy holds a bachelor of science degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University and a master of business administration degree in Finance from Fordham University. She is also a Chartered Financial Analyst. Betsy is a Trustee of the ISTAT Foundation and a member of the ISTAT International Appraisers’ Program Board of Governors.  In addition, she holds membership in several industry-related organizations.





 Polis Polycarpou




Christine RChristine Rovelli is currently the Vice President and Group Treasurer of Finnair Oyj, the flag carrier of Finland.  Christine has played a key role in the Company’s capital structure and strategy efforts, managing a team responsible for aircraft financing, capital markets, cash management and payment systems, the Finnair pension fund, implementation of accounting standards such as IFRS 9 and 16, and the hedging of Finnair’s jet fuel, interest rate and currency exposures.
Prior to joining Finnair in 2012, Christine worked in investment banking in London and New York, advising airlines, aircraft lessors, shipping companies, and logistics providers on M&A and capital markets transactions. Christine is based in Helsinki and has an MBA from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business with concentrations in Analytic Finance and Accounting, and a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.





For anymore information please contact Kate Skinner

T: +44 (0) 20 7779 8281


What's new this year

Airfinance Journal Dublin 2019 is set to be bigger than ever, with several new features to ensure you have the best event experience. 

•    NEW AFJ Advisory Board – Content shaped by thought leaders, but led by an independent editorial team.
•    NEW Experiential packages that embeds your brand in the delegate event experience.
•    NEW Focus on aircraft assets and valuations – real vs theoretical. 
•    NEW AFJ Airline Connections - Business pods for airlines only. Meet over 150 airlines.
•    NEW AFJ UCD Aviation Finance School - the 2-day intensive course with the University College Dublin that'll give you a complete understanding of the market
•    NEW AFJ Concierge Meeting Service- Simply tell us who you would like to meet and our team does the leg work so all you need to do is arrive at Dublin ready to do business.